Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1st Grade - Color Mixing

 First Grade learned all about the color wheel.   We read the book, Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin to get us thinking about color and learned a new song about Primary and Secondary Colors.  They then spent time making their own abstract paintings to experiment with mixing the three primary colors.

The next step was to narrow it down to our favorite secondary color and try to find the two primary colors that form it.  They also learned about the Neutrals - Black and White.  So they painted one scoop a primary, mixed in a second primary for a secondary color then added white to get a lightened third scoop.  They created a stamped patterned background to represent the wallpaper and table cloth of their ice cream shop.  Here is their final creations.

Check out the songs that inspired us along our color journey courtesy of Sesame Street.

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