Thursday, October 18, 2012

5th Grade - Sculpture

Olympic Sculptures:  Our 5th graders just finished up a unit on Sculpture.  They started off the unit by taking a look at some important sculptures that have been created throughout human history and the all the various materials that can be used to create sculptures.  The next step was to create their own sculpture own out of wire, tin foil, plaster and paint to resemble their favorite Olympic Athletes.  Here are a few of the fantastic results. 

Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast
Olympic Soccer Player
Olympic Break Dancer (maybe for the 2016 games!)
Olympic Muscle Man 

Visiting Artist William Sunderland:  A few of our 5th grade students were lucky enough to see a presentation by visiting artist William Sunderland.   He began sculpting at a young age with Ivory Soap and a pocket knife.  He now works in marble, clay and bronze.  The kids were amazed to see the sculptures he brought with him and to watch him sculpt a bar of soap in front of their eyes. 

Next Up:   Op Art... 
Check Out this link for a video of the artists who will inspired out next project.

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