Thursday, December 6, 2012

3rd Grade - Romare Bearden inspired City Blocks

Romare Bearden - The Block - 1971

Third graders learned collage artist, Romare Bearden.  Click on the yellow link below to learn more about Romare Bearden and view his artwork, The Block, that inspired our art projects. 

 Walk the Block - click here to learn more

Anastasiya's City

Art City by Elliott

Gavin's Town

Lia's Crazy Town

Nishanth's Adventure City

Shriya's City

Nuran's NSN City

Georgelin City by Priya


 The students spent many weeks cutting out paper and assembling their cities.  They were the mayors of their own town and responsible for what takes place within their city limits.  Next, they wrote advertisements to entice other to come visit their fabulous towns.  We ended the project by having a gallery showing where all the cities were viewed side by side similar to Romare Bearden's work The Block.  They did a great job!

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