Thursday, January 17, 2013

1st Grade - Collage Snowman with painted trees

First Grade had a blast creating this project.  We first took a look at the illustrations create by Eric Carle in some of his most famous children's books.  We explored how he created the images with cut paper, a technique known as collage.  The students discovered that each piece of cut paper had multiple colors and texture.  So, before we could begin our collage project we had to create some decorative paper with multiple colors and textures.  The students were given a variety paint brushes, paint colors, sponges, forks, sticks and glitter.  They were allowed to use these items as they wished to cover their paper with different colors and textures.  Messy, but so much fun.  The next day we started using the paper to make a winter forest by cutting the textured paper into trees.  We then used white paper to make our snowmen and then other commercially made decorative papers to make some snowman accessories.  Lastly, to make it snow, the students used a soggy paint brush with white paint to drip over their blue skies. 
A few of our painted papers with textures and colors. 

Artist:  Sean

Artist:  Ria

Artist:  Mattox

Artist:  Josie

Artist:  Austin

Artist:  Hitanshi

Artist:  Lucca

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