Friday, February 15, 2013

2nd Grade - Henry Rousseau

Second graders investigated the work and life of artist Henry Rousseau.  They focused on three elements of art in his work - Value, Space and Shape.  They used what they learned about how Rousseau used these elements in his work to create their own works of art.

To create this, the students drew a composition that was crowded with various examples of foliage using oil pastels on white paper added light and dark values to each leave.  Nest, they created a background and carved veins into each leaf.  Finally, they covered their entire picture with black india ink.  Once it dried, they washed off the excess ink that covered their oil pastel drawings but allowed the ink to soak into blank areas.  Here are their results. 

Our inspiration, Henry Rousseaus's Tiger in a Tropical Storm

Artist: Aleem

Artist:  Nithya

Artist:  Rishi

Artist: Katelyn

Artist:  Mira

Artist:  Saachi

Artist:  Rohan

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