Sunday, April 28, 2013

5th - Self Portraits

This is one of my favorite projects.  I try to do this project with my students each year as a final project for them to showcase what they have learned in art throughout their elementary school years and create a project that I hope they will keep for a lifetime.  It is also one of the longest projects of the year because of all the areas we cover.
  • Portraits in Art: We start off by looking at portraits in art and how the artist use the elements of art to tell us something else about the person.  
  • Proportion: We look at proportions of the human body.  
  • Measuring with a ruler:  We take time out to review our measuring skills by having a group ruler challenge to see who has the best measurement and craftsmanship skills.
  • Positive Self Image:  They also take some reflective time to think of the positive aspects of themselves that they may want to convey in our self portraits.  (See Self Portraits Part 1)
  • Time Management and Independence:  For this project they have use of the artroom and must make their own artistic decisions and the best use of their studio time. 

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