Friday, January 24, 2014

Rainbow Handprints
Read the book "A Rainbow All Around Me" by Sandra L. Pinkney

Grades K &1
Pumpkin Patch
Straw, construction paper, googly eyes, and sharpies. 

Art Explorers Club K, 1, & 2

Fall Birch Trees
Paint, tape, and sharpies.

5th grade

Night Owls
Paint, feathers, googly eyes, and crayons.

2nd Grade

 Halloween Silhouettes
Black paint, white paper circles, and sharpies.

1st grade

 Fall Scarecrows
Watercolor paint, straw, buttons, fabric, and crayons.


Harold and the Purple Crayon
Purple Crayons 

Art Club K, 1, & 2
Art Club K, 1 & 2

Ceiling Tile Art

Art Explorers Club K, 1, & 2 and Art Club 3, 4, & 5

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