About the FSA Art Lab

Teacher:  Mrs. Rene Chawgo

2013-2014 Art Schedule
 Kindergarten  8:00 - 8:45
1st Grade  8:50 - 9:35
2nd Grade  10:10 - 10:55
5th Grade  11:30 - 12:15
4th Grade  12:30 - 1:15
5th Grade  1:25 - 2:10
Art & Yearbook Club Thursday 2:25 - 3:25

Why I call it an Art Lab? 
Our school has a focus on math and science in all subjects including art.
Similar to a scientific lab, our students are asked in the art room to: 
  • Research 
  • Make Observations
  • Evaluate
  • Experiment
  • Problem solve
  • Analyze 
  • Collaborate 

What is the Art Curriculum? 
The FSA ES art curriculum is based on the Georgia Performance Standards for Elementary Visual Arts.  They address 5 domains of art eduction which are as follows: Meaning and Creative Thinking, Contextual Understanding, Production and Response, Assessment and Reflection, and Connections. 

"The Georgia Performance Standards for Visual Arts are designed to help students develop aesthetic perception, personal expression, and artistic skills. In a problem-solving context, students meet the challenges of focused study, engaging in higher-level integrative thought processes. Art is a means to engage all the senses for learning and expression. Art provides opportunities to develop inherent creative abilities. It also fosters and preserves individual identity, uniqueness, self-esteem, and personal accomplishment." - Georgia Department of Education.

What do we do in Art?
Every grade level is given the opportunity to work with a variety of art mediums such as pencil, marker, watercolor paint, tempera paint, printmaking, collage, craft and 3-D sculpture. Some art lessons are inspired by chidlren's books while others are influenced by famous artists. Students are taught different types of skills in art such as weaving, color mixing, overlapping, shading, and many more. Each student keeps a portfolio for their artwork. Since each lesson is project based we can work on the art piece any where from two weeks to one month! At the end of each project I display each students artwork through out our school.

Spring Art Show
Please join us at our spring art show. The entire school will be filled with artwork! You will get a chance to see your child's portfolio too. We hope to see you there!

When will the artwork be sent home? 
After a project has been completed and put on display it will go home. All other artwork is kept in a portfolio for each student. It will be sent home at the end of the year.