Art Fundraiser 2014-2015


Free Sticker School Art Fundraiser

Every child wins with free stickers and a catalog featuring their very own artwork!

Here's how it works:

1. Students make an art project with Mrs. Chawgo during art class.
2. The artwork gets sent to the Square 1 Art company to be scanned.
3. The students art work comes back with a free sheet of stickers to take home!
4. Now you can order products with your child's art on it! Just in time for the holidays!

Check out the website here:

You will be able to order online at


You can send in money to Mrs. Chawgo with your order form!
All orders are due by November 12, 2014!!!

All proceeds go directly back into our Art Program here at FSAES!

You will receive your products by the first week in December 2014!

Original Works Fundraiser 2015

This year we will be sending home a packet from Original Works Fundraising Program.

In your packet you should see the following...

1. Your child's artwork.
2. An order form.
3. A letter from me.
4. A magazine to order from.

You are welcome to purchase anything from the magazine! All proceeds will go to our art program!

Student are making Panda collages!

Tile Wall Art!!!
Check out the ones from last year hanging in our hallways.

Add your child's art work permanently in our school! This year we will be adding art tiles to our school walls. If you would like to add your son or daughters you can purchase the tile from Original Works. How cool is that?!

Here are some examples of other school's tile art.

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