About Me

My name is Rene Chawgo. I am the art teacher for Fulton Sunshine Academy. This is my fourth year teaching art. I love what I do! Here are 10 fun facts about me!

1. I went to school to be an Art Educator at Florida State University and Syracuse University. I also attended some other schools as well such as Tallahassee Community College and SUNY New Paltz.

2. I am married to Mr. Chawgo. We met way back in 2002... in highschool!

3. I am origianlly from Upstate New York. I have lived in a lot of places...

Watertown, NY
Pulaski, NY
Tallahassee, FL
New Paltz, NY
Clermont, FL
Syracuse, NY
Roswell, GA 

4. I wasn't always and art teacher. Here are some fun jobs I had before I was a school teacher...

Pizza Resturant Cook
Clothing Store Manager
Gift Shop Clerk
Grocery Store Cashier
Zoo Educator / Camp Counselor
YMCA Art Teacher
Art Studio Art Teacher
Cracker Barrel Cashier

5. I love animals.  I have two dogs and a cat. Here are some pictures!

6. Some of my hobbies include running, yoga, and making art!

7. My mother was an Art Teacher for 30 years. She was my Elementary Art Teacher!

8. I enjoy a lot of different artists, one of my favorites is Georgia O'Keeffe.

9. I am an only child and I do not have any children of my own yet.

 10. My favorite meduim to use in art are oil paints.

Well I hope that tells you a little bit more about me!

Please feel free to stop by the Art Room anytime.   

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